Aspects of Healing

Intuitive/ Spiritual/ Laser / Dynamic/ Emotional & Mental/ Cellular /Multi-dimensional / Esoteric


Monica’s abilities manifested suddenly and unsought, through direct fingertip touch. Over time, working intuitively, she discovered the many different aspects of her gift. As her healing practice grew rapidly just through word-of-mouth recommendation, she read extensively, spoke with other healers and attended a seminar in the UK to broaden her technical understanding of what was taking place through her, as all healing energies are processed by the human vehicle (the client) via the same energetic transmission system.


Monica is a spiritual healer in the original sense of the word – ie. the healing energies flowing through her emanate from the Source of all creation. No belief in this is, however, required of the client and, because she works with clients of all faiths and of none, she avoids any religious overtones in her practice. The mystical experiences which preceded and accompanied the sudden and unsolicited manifestation of her “healing touch” were, she understood with time, intended as a direct confirmation to her of the source of the healing energies. In the most traditional mystical way – through personal revelation – she knows her source is Divine, i.e. beyond universal.  These experiences caused a radical transformation of her then non-belief system! Her work evolved spontaneously through intuition and meditation, and NOT through any learned modality of “energy healing”. To those who ask “is this (like) Reiki?”: Most definitely NOT. It is a much higher energy vibration (actually a vast range of frequencies), much stronger, and more intense. The healing energies for which she is the conduit come from the Highest, through her spirit, to the spirit (divine spark) of the client, travelling outwards from there to all other levels of being. Physical healing (of conditions which have their roots in the person’s state of being) is the end-product. (See “Laser” and “Dynamic” healing for explanations of a slightly different process, where the healing energies are intensely and directly focussed on the physical level).Many clients experiencing a crisis of faith (if lucky enough to have had it!) have come back into a place of peace and connectedness with God (however defined by them) through their sessions. Likewise, many who were disillusioned with life and had no belief in a higher power before attending find the inner changes triggered by the sessions transform their world-view and say they now believe “there is a reason, there is a purpose – there IS something more”.

Spiritual Laser

“Laser” healing is a very rare aspect of the healing gift and there are only a small number of such healers worldwide. It is believed that Monica is the only such healer currently in practice in Ireland. “Laser” healing is so called because it is an intensely-focussed and needle-like concentration of healing energy, sometimes experienced as a hot (even “liquid”) beam penetrating deeply into the target area. Monica’s results with damaged/ prolapsed discs and nerves (testimonies to which are in the public domain from many TV programmes) are due to this feature of her natural gift. Laser healing of course also comes into play in work on other musculo-skeletal problems – particularly ligament injuries – and a wide variety of conditions including eye and ear problems.


This is also a very rare healing aspect, and again Monica is believed to be the only dynamic healer in Ireland. (She has heard of two such healers in the UK and has had contact with another in South Africa). It is called “dynamic” because the energies coming through the healer trigger spontaneous body movements and muscle contractions in the patient, in a natural process working towards musculo-skeletal re-alignment. Where there have been several injuries (crashes or sports) this process can be quite dramatic to observe – or experience! Often laser and dynamic healing will be combined, according to need, and can be experienced by the patient as electric shock-type currents in the nerves (laser) and muscle contractions or joint movements in the affected limbs (dynamic).

Emotional/ Mental

If the client comes for non-physical difficulties (stress, anxiety, depression, grief, etc.) the healing energies will address those areas intensively, inducing deep rest and replenishment of energies, facilitating increased inner calm, and restoring mental clarity. An emotional healing session is a deeply nurturing experience. Emotional and mental healing address first of all the current stresses, and then as work progresses – as far as the client wishes to take it – go further back to unresolved emotions or past trauma. Many people who have felt blocked in life or self-expression, sometimes despite years of therapy, have found healing has enabled them to break through that wall to a new freedom and lightness of being. Even those who come for physical problems alone, however, are usually surprised to find their inner peace, mental clarity, energy levels, quality of sleep and overall well-being improving.


This term is used to describe the healing of experiences, traumas, unresolved emotions and/or resulting behavioural patterns the energies of which are experienced by the healer as “crystallised” in the body. These may come from very far back in time. Many people who have been in lengthy psycho-therapeutic processes for childhood trauma have reported immense benefits from cellular healing sessions.


Monica is a healer who brings through every vibrational level of the healing spectrum, directly from Source. Every level of being of the client is therefore addressed: spirit (divine spark), soul, heart, mind and body. She does not direct the session, but facilitates it. The client receives healing according to their greatest area of need at that moment. If someone comes with a back problem but is also, for example, carrying huge life stresses or emotional pain, they will find a large part of the healing going to the emotional and mental level. Depending on how great the need at non-physical level, or indeed at another physical level with a condition not mentioned or perhaps not yet diagnosed, the healing going to the mechanical level (musculo-skeletal) will be proportionately reduced and require longer to resolve than if it were the only area of need.


Spirit Release: Monica has been called on many times to assist with the release of souls trapped between the two worlds… still attached to someone or something on the earth plane and unable to move on to the realms of light. The effectiveness of the healing intervention has been demonstrated by the cessation of whatever problems the earth-bound spirit had been causing for their loved ones or for someone else to whom they had attached their energies. This service is not currently available.

Past-life Healing:  for those whose belief system includes reincarnation. Monica approached this area with a healthy skepticism until its efficacy was clearly proven to her. This service is not offered as a first port-of-call, but engaged in only when a genuine need for it emerges in the course of a consultation.

Psychic Tie-Cutting:  A gentle but powerful soul-healing session enabling an energetic “de-cording” from the negative aspects of relationships or situations, past or present, to facilitate a positive shift in the relationship dynamic or a liberation from negative influences, as appropriate.  This service is now provided at a distance, by telephone or Skype.

Spiritual Guidance Readings: Monica is what is known as a psychic intuitive and empath, and was reluctantly persuaded to start using those instinctive abilities in a more formal way once her healing work had begun. To her own astonishment, the detailed readings she gave (done without any psychic tools whatsoever) were reported to be totally accurate even about events some considerable time ahead. She suspended this service once the demands of the healing practice became immense following her TV appearances, but resumed in 2011. (NB: readings are NOT given as part of a healing session). This service is not currently available.

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