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Hi Monica,
I have been meaning to contact you about the miracle (only way everyone including doctors can describe it) that happened to me after seeing you three times. I went to see you this time two years ago suffering from infertility – three failed IFV attempts…desperate to shift whatever it was blocking my ability to have a child. The doctors swore i could not conceive a child naturally given my condition. Well you certainly shifted something as I got pregnant a few weeks later (which I unfortunately lost) and then I went back to see you as it seemed that maybe it wasn’t fully cleared. And what do you know, I got pregnant again straight after that! This time thankfully it stuck, I had a wonderful pregnancy and delivered a healthy bouncing boy. I have never been so overjoyed!  Thanks so much for your help, I do believe it worked towards me getting my beautiful baby boy and I hope I can work with you again in the future for more hopefully unrelated healing!  (R.C., Greystones, Co. Wicklow)

Car crash injuries, prolapsed disc, trapped nerves

Having suffered pain for 4 years (from car crash injuries, a prolapsed disc and trapped nerves), having 2 epidurals and taking tablets for this length of time it was suggested to me to try healing. At this stage I would have tried anything. I must admit I was sceptical to start with, but having received healing from Monica Walsh I would gladly recommend it to anyone. I experienced heat running through my body, relief of pain, and a lot more energy. To this day I am living a pain-free and fulfilling life.” (Mary Kelly, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin)


“It was brilliant! I just couldn’t believe it. I had been able to do very little for three or four years due to bad pain from osteoporosis at the top of my back, and in my shoulders and arm. Pain-killers did not give much relief. After 2 or 3 healing sessions there was a huge improvement. I had 5 sessions and could resume full physical activity shortly afterwards. I have felt very good ever since. I hope this information will help others. I never experienced anything like my sessions.”  (Betty Davis, Athy, Co. Kildare)


“Myself and my twin sister were diagnosed with Sacroiliitis at the age of twenty. We had experienced chronic back pain for two years prior to the diagnosis so there was some relief in having the doctors identify the cause. The proposed treatment however was not a relief- 6 weeks of steroids (three times daily) and difene tablets twice daily (for the rest of our lives). After four weeks on this medication I felt drained, lacking in energy and the pain still persisted. Through word-of-mouth recommendation we made contact with Monica and so began our life-changing journey. Within two hands-on sessions we were off the medication and pain-free. Its now 10 years on and this is still the case. On a return visit to the doctors they were speechless :)

“At times of stress the pain will come back, it has even spread from the lower back to the rib cage which can be extremely uncomfortable and agonising. The great thing is though instead of having to resort to medication a simple visit to Monica or Distant Healing removes the pain within 24 hours. One particular Christmas I was unable to get out of bed unless I had taken my two nurofen and difene- this would give me relief for about four hours, sleeping was unsettled and I felt so miserable. I was only able to get down the stairs by sitting on them and going down one by one! I texted Monica on the 27th to request Distant Healing and by the next morning I was able to get out of bed- drug free for the first time in a week.

Monica is no doubt in my mind not only a miracle worker but the kindest person you could ever meet. She has always been there for us and has never failed in her duties of healing. We were blessed to have found her and have her continued support over the past 10 years. I dread to think of the life my sister and I would have had if it had not been for Monica. Taking painkillers is one thing, but being in constant pain even while taking them seems pointless and frustrating, not to mention the damage that does to one’s body. We are forever grateful “- (Rachel and Michelle, Dublin)

 Back injury, trapped sciatic nerve

“Pain was severe in my lower back.  I was worried about my career ending, as my job entails heavy lifting and climbing.  The first time I attended Monica I could hardly walk across the road (from the car to the clinic).  When I came out I commented that I felt like going dancing, but was told “No Way – not  yet!” Thanks to this treatment I did not lose any time from work.  During the sessions I felt different experiences – sometimes tingling, sometimes heat in different parts of my body, but I also felt relaxed.  I had 10 sessions and now 12 months later (Feb 2005) I still have no pain(M. O’C., Co. Wicklow)

Major surgery

 Also, I persuaded my wife to attend as she was due to have an operation and her doctor had told her she would need 6 months’ rest afterwards.  Having had 6  sessions with Monica before the surgery, she was able to do all her usual things after 6 weeks!” ( M. O’C, Wicklow)

Back injury

“Monica, thanks a million, my back is great – am back training and hurling so I’m delighted with it! Thanks for all your help.”  (P McC, Tipperary)

Prolapsed disc/ trapped sciatic nerve

“The session was relaxing and I experienced heat on my back. This treatment cured my severe back condition.”  (M. Roche, Bray, Co. Wicklow)

Post-operative complications/ trapped nerve (This client testified on RTE-1′s “Davis” programme)

“After the (abdominal) operation, a deep sharp pain spread from the groin down the leg, sometimes like electric shocks. It affected walking and sleeping, preventing normal everyday activities for 6 months. I was on pain-killers and also anti-depressants as it was affecting my state of mind.. My doctors agreed the only solution was surgery as soon as possible to free the trapped nerve. Monica was highly recommended to me by a relative who had attended her. During the sessions I felt tingling and soothing sensations, and the stretching of limbs (by themselves – as if invisible beings were working on me!). I started to feel improvements after a few sessions. I would like to explain that the treatment did not stop in Monica’s rooms, the bodily movements went on for a few days afterwards while the tingling and soothing sensations experienced in the healing sessions continued also. I resumed full physical activity when treatment was completed. My state of mind was also dealt with during the sessions, clearing the depression. My two GPs, who had fully supported my decision to have healing instead of surgery, were delighted with the results. My GPs are very open-minded – they worked previously in Scotland where healers can work alongside conventional doctors as part of the national healthcare system, therefore they are fully aware of the benefits of healing. The results achieved have been sustained to date (over 12 years now) and I can say that Monica has cured me completely.  (M. Pereira, Co. Dublin)


I also suffer from asthma, and I remember having an attack while in a healing session (I had forgotten my inhaler). Monica held her hands over my chest and I immediately started to breathe normally, feeling like I was on top of a mountain breathing the purest of air”.  (M. Pereira, Co. Dublin)

Injuries, stress and general well-being

“Apart from physical results with injuries, I have found Monica’s sessions hugely helpful psychologically and emotionally when under stress. It is fantastic to be able to get so many different kinds of help in one session. Her work is quite extraordinary and unique. “(JR, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin)

Pregnancy problems

“Thanks so much for your wonderful gift. I am sure it played a huge part in this happy outcome. (BW, Greystones, Co. Wicklow)

Bronchial congestion

“Just have to let you know that all that stuff that was lingering on my chest for months since Christmas is gone since your session, so thanks for that – you are a gem!” (Valerie Carter, Dublin)

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