Distant Healing

For Humans and Animals

How does Distant Healing Work?

Distant healing takes place through the quantum physics principle of non-locality.  In the quantum field, beyond lthe imitations of the time-space reality, all is inter-connected and healing can occur while healer and client are in different places – even at opposite sides of the world.  Distant Healing is a scientifically-proven phenomenon, and related research material can be found on the website of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, in Dr. Daniel Benor’s book “Spiritual Healing: Scientific Validation of a Healing Revolution”, and in the writings of Deepak Chopra, M.D., Larry Dossey, M.D., and many others.

Soon after the spontaneous manifestation of Monica’s healing abilities in 1990 a client asked her to transmit healing from a distance.  The immediate positive feedback was more of a surprise to her than to the client, who had previously been helped in this way by other healers. Since then she has been providing a distant healing service, and some client feedback on this work is given at the end of this page.

Distant healing offers access to the benefits of a healing session whether you are thousands of miles away, are close but without transport, are housebound through illness or as a carer, or are working long and unsocial hours.  It can be requested for any physical illness or condition, as well as for emotional and mental difficulties and addiction problems.  It can be requested for adults, children, babies and animals.   It is also reported to have been of significant help in coping with highly stressful situations such as surgery, exams, court cases etc, as well as reducing the side-effects of invasive treatments and accelerating recovery from serious illness or surgery.

Benefits of a Session

Regardless of the primary purpose for which healing was requested, there are some common denominators amongst the benefits.  As with in-person sessions, one does not need to be suffering some illness or disorder to benefit from healing.  It is also excellent “preventative medicine” and can help us cope with life’s challenges, as the following list of known benefits indicates.  A session can:

* Induce relaxation * Reduce stress * Increase energy and vitality * Boost the immune system  * Help de-toxify the body  * Improve sleep quality  * Increase motivation  * Improve mood   * Reduce/eliminate pain  * Help cope with chronic health problems * Accelerate recovery from illness or surgery * Assist with problems of confidence, nervousness, concentration,  memory, fatigue, impotence   * Increase spiritual awareness and attunement * Ease and bring inner peace to end-of-life transitions

Booking an Appointment

Distant healing appointments are scheduled in the same way as “in-person” sessions, and can be time-specific or non-specific time-wise.  To book an appointment email Monica at distanthealing@monicawalsh.com indicating your preferred day(s).  Choose a time when you will be able to lie down comfortably in a quiet place for at least 45 minutes. Appointment slots can be requested for weekday evenings between 8.30 and 10 p.m. Irish time.

In your requesting email include your full name and exact location as well as a brief description of your healing needs,  Monica’s reply email will allocate your appointment time.  To confirm your booking please then pre-pay (see fees below) via credit or debit card by going to the “Check-out with Pay-Pal” button at the end of this page where the transaction is securely processed and your card details not revealed. Time-specific healing sessions MUST be pre-paid at least 24 hrs before your appointment time or the booking is not considered confirmed and the time-slot may be allocated elsewhere.

NB:  Bear in mind that Monica is neither an energy therapist nor a healer working from the psychic level, so she does not analyse your energy system or aura (which is quite unnecessary at a divine healing level). There is therefore no need for any feedback from her to you.  She is a conduit for a wide spectrum of healing energies from Source (Creation level/ God) and during the session she earths these energies for transmission to the client. Your feedback to her on your experience or progress is, however, much appreciated.

Distant Healing Session Fees                                                                                                

In addition to your private Distant appointment you will also be included in nightly general healing transmissions for the following week.  As for “in-person” healing, three private sessions are recommended (though not obligatory).

Fee per appointment is currently €85 including the booster transmissions mentioned above.

Preparing for your session

Settle down comfortably in a quiet place and ensure that you will be undisturbed.  Put your phones on “Silent” mode.  Ideally play some relaxing music to insulate you from outside distractions.  Light a candle or perhaps a lavender oil burner.  Have a light rug nearby as your body temperature drops slightly when you relax deeply.  Bring your attention to within yourself.  You may feel some physical sensations during the session, but if you do not it does not mean you are not receiving healing  – some people are just more sensitive than others to the energies as they flow through the body.  Some report the immediate reduction or disappearance of pain, others may simply feel deeply relaxed and notice benefits over time.  And some people report beautiful and uplifting spiritual experiences.  As with in-person sessions, the healing energies continue to work long after your session has ended.  Email feedback on your experience and/or progress is appreciated.

Gifting a Session to Someone

Someone you love may be in need of help and you might like to offer them a healing session.  You may wish to let them know, in which case we can arrange a specific time-slot.  In some situations, however (e.g. alcoholism, drug addiction, mental incapacity) you may prefer to offer this help anonymously and book it for a non-specific time.  Make your booking in the same way as you would for yourself, giving Monica a brief summary of the help required, and pre-paying the session.  In this case Monica will email you to confirm when it has been done.

Distant Healing for Animals

As an animal lover, it gives Monica great joy also to be able to help the animal kingdom by distant healing.  All of her own pets over the years have been helped hugely by healing.  To make a request for distant healing for your pet, do as you would do for yourself or your family:  email her at distanthealing@monicawalsh.com giving your full name, your pet’s name and details, and a brief outline of the healing needed. .  To confirm your booking then pre-pay via your credit or debit card through the “Check-Out with Pay-Pal” button at the end of this page where your payment will be securely processed and your card details not revealed.

Some Client Feedback on Distant Healing

“Monica is a very special gifted healer and wonderful person that I am blessed to have met when I was diagnosed in 2002 with arthritis (ankylosing spondylitis) in my spine. Before meeting Monica, I had serious pain in my lower back, rib cages and legs. I could barely walk at times and was confined to the bed on occasions for weeks on end. I was only 22. I was advised by my doctor to go on a life time course of anti-inflammatory drugs and steroids for an intial period of six weeks. I really did not want to go down this route.  Luckily shortly after my diagnosis, I was introduced to Monica through my dad (as he also has the same condition and had gotten amazing results from Monica). As a result of my healing experiences with Monica (both hands on healing and distant healing) not only am I 100% pain free, I have full mobility and I feel more energised and generally great in my day to day life because of Monica’s healing..Thank you Monica from the bottom of my heart for healing me!”  (Michelle, Sydney, Australia)

“I first contacted Monica about two years ago for severe arthritic pain in my back, shoulders and neck as well as various other health problems. As I live in Italy, obviously i opted for Distant Healing.  Pain relief was immediate and lasting, and although i occasionally have bouts of discomfort it has never returned to the pre-healing intensity. The first healing experiences were very powerful and as we progressed on healing nights i would sleep very long and deeply to awake feeling really rested and well.  On levels other than the physical the changes have been more subtle but nonetheless significant.  Monica has always been very helpful, finding time for me even when she’s really busy.  (Sally, Pollenza, Italy).

I received a Distant Healing session from you for unresolved emotional issues. During the session i felt very relaxed and could feel the energy working on my body.  A lot of the work seemed to take place in my head, within my subconscious. This began a process of feeling clearer within myself, more open to my intuition and to who i want to be.  It has given me a clearer understanding of all the images that i no longer choose to carry in my mind, and the choice to move forward.  Thank you, Monica, for your wonderful gift.  God bless.”  (Simone, Geneva, Switzerland)

“I am over the moon about what you did for my mother.  The hospital said it would be months before she had the full use of her arm after her accident.  The night you did distant healing she said she felt enfolded in warmth and peace, slept soundly for the first time, woke pain-free and could use her arm without any problem. This is such a relief to us all because of her age and isolated location. I cannot thank you enough. “ (John, Dublin, Ireland).

“Thank you so much, Monica, for the Distant Healing which eliminated the migraines i’d been having frequently for the past year.  Over the 3 sessions i also began to feel other benefits – I am sleeping much better and am coping with my difficult circumstances much more calmly.  I have more energy, and wake up feeling refreshed and re-energised.  This has made a huge difference to my ability to cope.  Merci mille fois!  (Marianne, Perpignan, France).

“Monica you are an amazing person. I could barely walk for 4 days while taking medication.  Now without taking anything I feel brilliant, thanks to your distant healing.  I don’t show my appreciation enough for how you have helped me live normally over the past years. Thank you for being my healer.” (Rachel, Galway, Ireland)

I contacted you for Distant Healing because of severe pain in my back and shoulders from osteoporosis. I’d had no relief from any pain-killers and was exhausted and very depressed as this made it difficult for me to do so many things.  Relief began from the first session and after the 3rd session i was free of pain for the first time in two years.  My energy improved too, and i began to feel positive about life again.  It’s wonderful and i am very grateful.  If the pain comes back i’ll be in touch for some booster healing!  Sincere thanks.” (Doreen, Edinburgh, Scotland.)

Thank you for your distant healing.  I am feeling more energetic now and my headaches have eased considerably.  (Bernie , Co. Clare, Ireland)

Thanks for your distant healing for the girls, both are doing great, and for my mum who is improving as well. (Catherine, Sligo, Ireland)

Thank you, Monica, for all your help and healing. (Mary, Dublin, Ireland)

Thank you so much for your wonderful distant healing:  I feel back to myself! (MD, Sligo, Ireland)



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