How did you discover you are a healer?

The story is told in the first 16 mins of this half-hour live interview with Dr. Szuson Wong on the U.S.-based “Global Sharing” radio programme:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/globalsharing/2013/11/20/visions-of-one-ness–a-universal-spirituality.

What happens when I come for healing?

After a brief chat about what you are seeking help with, including medical details where relevant, Monica explains the healing process and how she works. You then lie comfortably and fully-clothed on a treatment table.  The healing session takes in the entire body with particular attention to the area(s) of difficulty.  Monica works mainly through light touch, as appropriate, but can equally work “off-the-body”.  When the session is over, feedback is exchanged on what has transpired, and explanations are given as to what may be expected in the days that follow.

What can I expect to experience during the session?

Relaxation, possibly to the point of falling asleep.  You may experience physical sensations, which vary according to the work being done.  Those common to most healing sessions would include heat and tingling. Those associated with the laser and dynamic healing aspects are quite specific. For example, in work on prolapsed discs trapping nerve roots you may experience heat deep in the spine, a sensation of pressure or pulsing around the disc, tingling down the nerve pathway, and movements in the affected limb(s). If you have had lots of sports or car crash injuries, you may experience spontaneous movements of the affected limbs (“dynamic healing” – this can sometimes be vigorous and dramatic to experience, as well as to observe).  In work on arthritic joints you may experience deep and diffused heat in the affected area. In work on damaged nerves you may experience sensations like little electric shocks. In work on damaged ligaments, eye or sinus problems or cysts, for example, you may experience a hot needle-like sensation as the laser healing energies come into play.  In work on deep stress, anxiety and muscular tension you may experience warmth in many different areas, muscle jumps and the need to take long, deep breaths as tension is released.  Or perhaps you may not experience any of these things:  a very small number of clients do not feel any of the physical sensations of healing.

How will I feel afterwards?

 Post-session it is normal to feel a desire for quiet, rest and an early night, and most benefit is reaped by doing so.  You may find that you sleep more deeply than usual. The session takes 48 hours to consolidate, i.e. it does not end when you leave the treatment table.  To permit this, alcohol should be avoided for at least 24 hrs, ideally 48.  An energetic process has been set in motion which is consolidated over the following days.  For that reason, very specific guidelines about activity are given to clients attending for injuries.  In general, however, where there is a great need for healing, it is not uncommon at the outset to feel tired the following day: this effect reduces as work progresses and clients then usually report an increase in energy, vitality, positivity, inner peace and mental clarity.

Can you cure particular illnesses?

No responsible healer will claim to “cure” a particular disease, though most have particular areas in which they get consistently good results.  Healing can help in a wide variety of ways, including the relief of pain, the reduction of stress and anxiety, the facilitation of very deep relaxation, and the maintenance of a positive outlook, all of which contribute to the overall healing process.  It should be seen as a complement to medical treatment, especially in the case of serious illness. Anecdotally, it has been observed to reduce the unpleasant side-effects of invasive treatments and speed the post-operative recovery process.   While no guarantee can be given as to achieving the result you desire, regardless of what you attend for, the vast majority of people who attend Monica are very satisfied with the outcome.

So what conditions can you help with?

 Healing can be beneficial to some degree in all situations.  Healers often have a particular area of specialty, as well as some they may not be able to help with.  Monica’s clients report consistently good results with everything to do with the musculo-skeletal system.  She does not treat allergies.  Positive outcomes have been reported across a wide spectrum of cases, including osteo-arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, fertility problems, psoriasis, ulcers, hiatus hernia, respiratory problems, sinusitis, eye problems, M.E., IBS, cysts, diabetes, dysmenorrhea, manic depression, side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation, post-operative recovery, extreme stress, migraines, anxiety & “burn-out”, etc. (This should not be construed as a claim to cure any particular condition – healing addresses the whole person, not a condition in isolation). Indeed, you do not need to have a problem in order to benefit from healing. Some people come occasionally simply for the deep relaxation, total energy recharge, and warmly nurturing experience.  In an ideal world, we would all have it regularly.

What is your success rate?

After her third year in practice Monica decided to carry out a review of results over the previous year, across the full spectrum of cases presenting.  This review showed that where clients attended for the recommended number of sessions, 95% were very pleased with the results. More precisely, 75% had the full result desired, a further 20% were satisfied with a very considerable improvement, and only 5% did not make much or any progress.  (Had this review yielded different figures, Monica would not have abandoned a successful career as a translator/interpreter to devote herself full-time to healing). Taking separately her speciality with damaged/ prolapsed discs, trapped nerves, damaged ligaments etc., once experience over the early years of practice demonstrated the pre-requisites to a successful outcome, where clients were able to follow those guidelines the percentage of attendees achieving “full result desired” would be higher.

How many sessions will I need?

 This varies according to the condition being treated, and also the individual.  Healing is not magic, it is a logical process within the natural laws of creation.  The more repair needed, the more long-standing the condition, the more healing is required to complete the work.  With stress, anxiety and reactive depression, people can find themselves hugely calmed and replenished in just 3 sessions, but may choose to attend for longer while they move through challenging life transitions, having found it helps them to cope.  With many non life-threatening physical problems, clients may find 3 to 6 sessions meet their needs.  With Monica’s disc speciality, the average required to achieve a result which will be long-lasting on a prolapsed disc trapping a nerve root is 8 sessions – provided there are no other  problems with the spine or no other serious medical conditions drawing away some of the healing energy. (The healing energy will always be drawn to the area of greatest need, whether that is physical or non-physical).   There is a pattern to the healing process with disc problems which is explained at first consultation.

An ever-increasing number of doctors acknowledge that a high percentage of the physical problems being presented in their surgeries are “emotionally-induced illnesses”.  This is quite different to saying “it is all in your head”.  It acknowledges that the physical condition is real but the origin of the disorder, or a significant contributing factor to it, lies in the person’s state of being.  Healing of the physical condition, as opposed to suppression of its symptoms, depends therefore on inner change.  Since spiritual healing works “from the inside out”, it can be very helpful in this regard.

Everyone is unique.  Their life experience and their reactions to those experiences are different.  Also, people’s responsiveness to healing varies, and circumstances beyond their control may influence their recovery potential, so this makes it impossible to be precise as to “how long will it take”.  Some responses are dramatically rapid – most people progress gradually.  A minimum of 3 sessions should be considered as the foundation stones of a healing process.

 Should I stop taking my medication while attending?

Absolutely not.  Any prescribed medication should be continued until you and your doctor review your needs together.

Do I need to believe in healing or have religious faith for it to work?

No.  Healing energy flows through the healer to the subject regardless of what you do or do not believe in.  Monica’s clients come from all denominations, including atheists and sceptics.   (Animals don’t believe – as far as we know! – and they respond very well to healing, as do children of all ages.)

If someone is a total sceptic – does that put up a blockage to the healing?

Open-minded scepticism is healthy, and does not constitute an obstacle to receiving healing. Monica herself was a sceptic prior to the emergence of her healing gift, and had to have it proven to her consistently with physically measurable results before accepting it – and coming to terms with the Source of it, and what that meant for her life.   Negative attitudes to the healer are, however, somewhat different and can create an atmosphere which is not conducive to a positive experience for either healer or client.  As long as someone comes in a spirit of open-mindedness and respect for the integrity of the healer, there is no problem.

Is there anything that does block healing?

Sometimes there is unconscious inner resistance, which may have its roots in fear of change.  The illness may be serving some purpose in the person’s life and, again unconsciously, they may not yet be ready to let this go.   The healing energy will always go to some level of the person’s being.  In this case it may subtly help to create inner change which in time may permit physical healing.  Also, on a higher level, there is a time for healing as there is a time for all things.

Why is it called “spiritual” healing?

Because it comes from the Source of everything, through the spirit (divine spark) of the healer, to the spirit of the receiver, regardless of particular religious faith, or the absence of any.  It is not to be confused with spiritualist healing, or spiritualism.  It may come through a natural healer working non-denominationally, or it may come through an ordained minister of religion.  It can only be truly termed “spiritual” when there is no involvement of the human will, intellect or ego in the healing act, when the instrument (healer) gets him or herself out of the way, and becomes a pure channel for the flow of healing.

How does it differ from other types of healing, such as Reiki?

There are many different levels of healing, varying according to the source energy which is being brought through as well as to the individual vibrational level of the healerSome energy healing practices draw from universal energy, some from earth energies, and some work with the life force energy of the client.  Reiki is a system of working with universal energy and earth energies.  It involves the psychic projection of symbols into the energy centres (chakras) of the student, and requires “initiations” and “attunements” to be carried out by a Reiki Master.  We all, however, have a natural attunement to the Source of everything.  How could we not have – we are created by it!    It is the understanding of this healer that the effectiveness of any energy healing system is dependant on the natural level of attunement of the individual healer.   Attunement cannot be conferred by another: it is a natural state, best assisted by meditation.   Many people with a latent ability to become good healers take their first steps through learning a healing technique such as bio-energy or reiki, but in fact are naturally bringing in higher frequencies of healing energy.  Whether you have a spiritual healing or a Reiki session, therefore, it will be as good as the attunement level of that healing practitioner allows.   It is also the view of this healer, being by nature as well as former profession keen on the correct use of terminology, that the spiritual terms “initiation” and “Master” have lost their original meaning through inappropriate usage, and that the word “spiritual” is frequently misused also.  The more we leave the human desire to control or direct a process aside, and get our limited intellect, will and ego out of the way, the more the infinite intelligence, wisdom and unconditional love of the Source of all Creation can work through us.  Only then can it truly be called “spiritual” healing.

Monica, how do you know the source of your healing?

Because of experiences I had immediately preceding its manifestation.  These would fall within the Christian mystical tradition, and as someone who had turned her back on organised religion at age 16, were certainly not something I was expecting or seeking.  I did not come to terms with that aspect of it until I was using the abilities for over a year, nor speak of them in response to client questions until I was 3 years in practice (when in one week I was asked 3 times!).  I am not comfortable speaking of them in detail because they were deeply personal, they changed my whole life, and when I have responded to persistent requests for further details the reactions of the questioner have sometimes created a sense of “violation of the sacred”.  Whether that is sacred just to me or in the broader sense is irrelevant.  I no longer will.  It is for me to know my truth and for others to discern it.  My belief is that had I been born in a different culture, the mystical experiences heralding the onset of the healing gift would have reflected that culture – all simply represent different but equally valid ways back to Source. For that reason I am firmly non-denominational, though perhaps multi-denominational would be a more correct description!

Are you psychic?

I have had extra-sensory ability as long as I can remember, with the first reported episode being at age two-and-a-half.  I spent much of my childhood saying “please God don’t let me see anything” as I was aware of spirit presences in the Victorian house where I grew up.  We all have psychic ability to some degree or another. I used to joke that i had a “built-in lie detector”.  There is a difference between psychic abilities and spiritual gifts.  When my healing work began, I asked that I be shown clairvoyantly only that which could not be communicated to me in any other way, as I still prefer to sense things rather than to see them.  I do not, therefore, visually read auras or chakras (energy centres).  I do however, where appropriate, experience an inner knowing about people, situations and potential outcomes which is frequently confirmed as correct.  This in itself is a spiritual gift, which comes with the spiritual gift of healing but may also be present in non-healers.

Are you drained after giving healing?

No, giving a healing session obliges me to enter a centred state of peacefulness which I might not otherwise do when everyday life is challenging.  Since the healing is not coming from me, but passing through me, I do not lose any of my own energy.  Tiredness can occur, though, if there is intrusive external noise or interruptions during the session.  For that reason the healing day is carefully structured, and the practice environment carefully chosen to provide the right conditions not only for the clients but for the healer to be able to work without strain.

Can I trust that my consultation is confidential?

Confidentiality is guaranteed.  Monica is a registered Healer Member of the The Healing Trust, UK (formerly National Federation of Spiritual Healers, UK) which itself is a member of the British Complementary Medical Association and the Confederation of Healing Organisations. Their Code of Conduct for healers is approved by the British Medical Association.

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