TV Testimonies

Testimonies to Monica’s work as a natural healer have been featured on many TV programmes, including interviews with patients for whom surgery had been declared the only option.

KENNY LIVE “Gift Healers” Experiment, RTE-1 TV

“Kenny Live“, the Saturday night live television talk show of Ireland’s public broadcasting service, invited four well-known Irish “gift healers”, including Monica, to be interviewed on the show and then to work over a six-week period with patients chosen and assigned to each of them by the production team specifically for the “chronic and intransigent” nature of their problems .  On the follow-up programme six weeks later the patients reported live on their progress, and Pat Kenny declared Monica “100 percent successful in the experiment since all of those assigned to her had major improvements, including restored mobility & pain relief.

One lady had rheumatoid arthritis for 33 years, and was in constant pain with very limited mobility.  She experienced notably improved mobility and over the course of 8 sessions was able to reduce her pain medication to one-third of the previous level, pronouncing herself “delighted’” with the results. 

Another lady had had back problems for 2 years without relief, and pronounced the outcome “terrific”.

Monica’s third experiment subject, a gentleman, said the experience was “very interesting” and on being invited by presenter Pat Kenny to place it on a scale of 10, gave it 8 out of 10.


On this programme, testimony was given by a lady who had attended Monica for healing three years previously. She had presented with acute pain and limited mobility due to a damaged lumbar disc trapping the sciatic nerve, rendering her unable to work. Doctors had said her only option was surgery.  Five weeks later, after a series of healing sessions (“spiritual laser”) she was 100% pain-free and mobile and needed no further treatment.


The patient who testified on this prime-time show had attended Monica suffering acute pain “like electric shocks” and limping badly for six months from a problem which her doctors agreed was a post-operative complication resolvable only by further surgery.  It affected her ability not only to walk, but to sleep and to carry on a normal life.  Reluctant to have further surgery, she attended Monica on the recommendation of a satisfied client and with the support of her GPs.  She experienced dramatic dynamic healing, involving strong spontaneous movements of the limbs (see explanatory section on “dynamic healing” in the Aspects of Healing page) and quickly became pain-free & fully mobile, with no further need for treatment. Her GP’s were delighted with the results. (Written testimony provided 11 years after treatment confirms that the results were sustained, with no recurrence of the problem).

“12-2-1”, RTE-1 TV

On this programme, presenters Marty Whelan and Ciana Campbell spoke on a phone link to a former patient of Monica’s who had presented with a severely prolapsed disc trapping the sciatic nerve, causing acute pain and limited mobility. Following hospital in-patient pain control treatment, her consultant had said surgery was the only solution and should not be delayed. This lady was a very firm sceptic, reluctantly persuaded to attend by a family member.  Relief of pain and restored mobility was rapid, enabling an immediate return to full physical activity.  (NB: this patient chose not to complete the treatment, so Monica does not expect this result to have been sustained).

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