Since 1991 Monica has designed and presented a vast range of spiritual awareness and healing-related workshops and courses.  Invited by the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, UK  – now The Healing Trust, the world’s foremost healing organisation with an international membership – to lecture in 1993 at their first Foundation Course in Ireland on Spiritual Healing, she became one of their first registered International Tutors in 1995 – but then chose not to deliver courses in their Healer Development Programme since her role and preference is to facilitate spiritual development, from which all spiritual gifts eventually naturally spring.

Now giving more of her time to writing, Monica’s spiritual awareness workshops are “on pause”.  Some feedback from former workshop and course participants is, however, given below.

“Divine Connection” One-Day Workshops

“It was one of those experiences that I will draw from whenever times are rough. I had looked forward to it knowing it would be special but was still amazed at the strength of healing energy in that room. The intensity of the meditations was brilliant. During the meditation where you read your poem “One Pulse” and when you said that we’re never separated from those who have passed on, I felt that connection and now have no doubts.” (D.L, Dublin)

“During the last meditation I suddenly saw this really bright light in front of my closed eyes which lasted for most of the session.and also I could feel that golden healing energy going in through my crown chakra. Thank-you for a lovely and worthwhile day. Really enjoyable. And it was also great to meet so many like-minded folk!”  (GMcK, Greystones, Co. Wicklow)

 “I had a beautiful day, bathing in the Light and sitting with peace in my heart. I so enjoyed following your gentle guidance through the inspiring meditations, as well as listening to your clarity of thought on the topics discussed. I was uplifted in the most literal sense of the word – my vibrations began to rise from the moment you started the work in the morning, and I remained keenly aware of their strong continued upward acceleration throughout the day.  What I really liked and enjoyed:

  • Your deep dedication to the workshop, bringing yourself in 100% and sharing your precious gifts
  • Simple, effective and profound programme with a lovely mix of meditations/guided imagery journeys, discussions, and healing
  • Uplifting and inspiring meditations/guided journeys with clear instructions
  • Good, informative facilitation of discussions with clear language
  • Gentle pace throughout the day
  • Lovely choice of room
  • Supportive/friendly/personal group atmosphere”

(G.S., Co. Laois)

“Thank you so much for a gorgeous “Divine Connection” day last Saturday, I loved it.  I was having fierce pains in my shoulder and neck before that, and since Sunday they have gone.  There’s no doubt but my family were blessed to have met you!” (V.C., Dublin)

“A very enjoyable yet emotional experience“  (M.C., Dublin)

 “Many thanks for The Divine Connection workshop last Sunday, I really enjoyed it.  I am a much lighter, freer person since then.  That grief I got in touch with – I feel so healed and at peace now.”  (T.M., Dublin)

 “The Philosophy & Practice of Spiritual Healing” (12 evenings or 2 weekends)

“I have attended many courses on healing and this is the first time I have heard such clarity of definition about levels and sources of healing. So many people use the word “spiritual” as if it applied to everything non-physical, and to all kinds of energy work.  In a few sentences you were able to explain the difference  between the psychic and the spiritual levels, and the human and the Divine.  At last I found myself listening to someone who both knows and clearly communicates the true meaning of the word ‘spiritual!”.  (A.G., Dublin)

“I did a one-year course on Spiritual Healing but was still confused at the end of it.  Now I know why!  You really clarified the difference between learning to work with energy– ”doing” something with it – and getting out of the way to let  the Divine Source of everything do it!”  (J.P. Wicklow)

“If I had to choose one word to sum up the talks given during this weekend, it would  be CLARITY!”  (S.A., Dublin)

“Heal the Heart, Free the Spirit:  An Introduction to Spiritual Self-Healing   (6, 8 or 10-week course)

(Comments from feedback forms at end of course):

“A very good worthwhile course to attend.  I would like to attend another!”

“I found the meditations, the healing sessions, and the general information on health and well-being of great benefit”.

“I would recommend one of Monica’s courses to anybody who feels they need spiritual or healing help.  Because Monica believes in what she teaches, the course is very positive”.

“It was a very full course covering many things.  I really found it very fulfilling.”

“I liked Monica’s relaxed attitude.  She has a nice peaceful way, and the course was very enjoyable”.

“The meditations were very healing.  Through them I realized that if your mind was calm it had a healing effect on your body.  I found it helped me learn how to connect my spiritual side and my physical side.”

“I liked the nice open warmth of Monica’s approach and her willingness to share and take whatever time necessary to discuss any health or other issues we were experiencing difficulty with in our day-to-day lives.”

“This course gave me increased calm and a sense of spiritual connectedness.”

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